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NEW to Team Blackcore – Adam Lister

Meet the newest member of the ever-growing Blackcore by Exacta team - Adam Lister. What's his role? And what experience does he bring to the table? Find out that, and more.


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Meet Blackcore by Exacta's new team member - Adam Lister

This month sees the start of a new member of the team, we are very proud to announce that Adam Lister is joining our ever-growing team. Adam brings a wealth of ideas, experience and industry expertise. 
Adam joins us as a System Architect focusing on all things Blackcore. This is an exciting time at Blackcore, with the launch of our new website and new workstation range. 

Let’s learn a bit about our new System Architect… 

Tell us a bit about yourself Adam. 
I have been in the FinTech industry since 2011, prior to that I was in the Motorsport industry. I have always had a strong focus in the HFT and HPC space, concentrating mainly on clients in the financial marketplace. Everything I do revolves around speed and efficiency. Whether that is in my personal or professional life. 

What are you most excited about as you start at Blackcore?  
Blackcore has been on my radar since its inception a few years ago. The team is extremely capable, offering extremely reliable, high-performance HFT servers. I look forward to developing the next generation with the team and improving upon an already extensive client base. There have been other important hires within the business, and it’s exciting to be a part of the growing team. 

What is your role as System Architect at Blackcore? 
My role within Blackcore as System Architect includes engaging with end-user teams and our research & development department to develop solutions tailored to each individual client. Branching out from the HFT compute side, to encompass any networking and storage requirements too. It will be great to work with our development team and to be the first to market with our new CPU options, and the very latest technology. 

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- 1 min read

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