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Meet our Systems Architect, Adam Lister.

In this interview with Blackcore's System Architect, we learn more about Adam and his role at Blackcore by Exacta.

Blackcore by Exacta

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Tell us a bit about yourself, Adam. 

I come from just outside London. I’ve been in the trading industry for about a decade now and almost fell into it, having previously had a career in motorsport. In about 2011 I started working for a company called BSI, who are specialists in low-latency trading hardware and quickly showed them my technical dexterity, resulting in me becoming their Solution Architect for large enterprises and large banking clients. And then about 18 months ago I was approached by Nick to join Blackcore and jumped at the chance of being on the sharp end of hardware engineering.

 When did you first hear about Blackcore?

It was 2015, I and my previous employer had been dealing with a Blackcore competitor based across the pond. I was then approached by Nick and his former partner, Mark, who came to see me and my previous boss to talk us through their option for high-frequency trading computing. That was when I first heard about Blackcore, and I just knew that the company was going to make a splash.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

50% deploying and demonstrating new technology and 50% working with clients to ensure they are utilising our system's full potential. I also spend a lot of time now quoting for clients as well. It’s a nice mixture, I revel in variety and enjoy solving clients' requirements.

What do you enjoy most about your work at Blackcore?

I like speed, I like being the fastest, and I like being the best in everything that I do. So, joining a company like Blackcore, which is at the leading edge of high-frequency trading hardware really interests me and is a continuance of my personal life.

How do you see Blackcores future in the ever-changing, innovative world of Financial Technology?

I think high-frequency trading will become more of a hybrid between high-frequency trading, what we know as HFT, and high-performance computing, which we know as HPC. I think there will be much more cross-over now that more of the slower workload is perhaps going into the cloud. I also think that there will always be an aspect of on-premise compute that is required to be as fast as technologically possible and I think Blackcore has the right team behind it to always be the fastest.


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Blackcore by Exacta

- 2 min read

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